Drive-on mast mount fun

Goofin’ – built a drive-on mount and stuck a few sections of TV mast on it. I bolted an MFJ 3/8 x 24 mount on top and replaced one of the bolts with an eye bolt to hang dipoles or whatever I want from. In this pic, the mount is populated with the venerable Hustler CG-144, a spectacular 2m monobander. With a single radial rod I hammered out of the junk pile, SWR is < 1.3 across the band and the antenna works very well. I also have a little Tram dual band whip that I can screw in if I need 70cm.

The ground plate is just a scrap piece of wood I had lying around with a 3/4″ iron pipe flange and a 12″ stub of iron pipe. I might play with adding a bracket to the roof rack rails to anchor it around the 7 foot level, but in no/light wind, it’s quite stable.