NCARC hamfest grabs!

Ran up to the NCARC hamfest last week and got a couple sweet deals.

First up: capacitors!

Four clean straight smooth air caps. Two 500 pf, one 1000 pf (lower voltage,) and the big one is a 1500 pf.

Next up was a freebie from a kind OM that just wanted to give it to a good home: an Icom P4AT. These are really neat, super 90’s radios. Seems to run great with 6 NiMH’s in the dry cell case. Another one for the shelf, for sure, but i’ve wanted to expand my collection into this line for a long time anyways.

Funky monoband 70cm HT with some “AI” features to help tame the menus. It actually works very well.


And last but not least….the prize of the day. A new in box┬áIcom PCR-1000! I’ve wanted one for years.

In action on the bench.




The box art is something else too!


Less photogenic grabs included a 2m Ringo in great shape, a 2 amp 12v power supply to run a little HT off of or something, and an old Hustler 7 foot 2m phased vertical with trunk lip mount.

All in all, an adequate haul.