Fun on the Hellschreiber net

I bet you didn’t know this was a thing, eh? Neither did I until lately.

I recently had a Hellschreiber QSO with AE5ZA, Cliff, after seeing his CQ on 40 meter’s digital subband. We had a great chat and after our QSO, I got an email advising me of the weekly Hellschreiber net on 40m. Net fires up at 7 pm Mountain time on Thursdays (0200 UTC Friday) on 7083 KHz, USB, +1500hz center. The FSK Hell-105 mode is used.

I didn’t join the net this week as it’s still my first session and I wanted to see how I heard people, but got fairly decent copy at several points. I’ve uploaded MP3 files of the recorded audio from the rig – pipe it through FLdigi and see what I saw!