SATurday Fun – AO-85 and AO-91 RX clips

Been trying to knock the rust off the satellite setup lately, so I tuned into a couple FM birds this afternoon.

AO-91 seems MUCH louder and easier to work than 85. Here’s a good 91 clip with many QSOs:

And here’s a short clip of AO-85 that was pretty much the only good copy:

Each clip has minor edits and about 10db of noise reduction.

I’m thinking that my ‘long’ yagi (8′ boom, 6 elements and 23 feet or so height) has a lot of nulls at various elevations. I notice a hole around 10-12 degrees and again around 20-25.

I’d really like to see what a 3 element (2m) and 4-5 element (70cm) setup can do with about 30 degrees of fixed uptilt.