DMR hotspot FIXED!

This MMDVM was driving me nuts. I was getting consistent stutters and dropouts and it was really frustrating. I recently got onto D-Star and was impressed with how easy that was to set up and use, so figured I’d power through until I cracked the DMR nut.

The MD380 was solid; worked fine on local RF machines. The MMDVM was showing no BER or dropped packets. So it had to be somewhere in the RF link between the two.

I played with RF power, calibration, all of that. Tried four different MMDVM firmware images and three on the 380. Then I found it.

I had to bump the DMR TX audio (deviation) just a little bit. Soon as I brought it up a few from 50, it started working.

I’m so happy! Now I’m online with two digital modes. Next step is to run an Ethernet cable to my 9700 and set it up as my D-star ‘hotspot’ to use with my new shiny ID-51A plus2.